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As an avid water sports and boating enthusiast since childhood, I have always been interested in all areas of boat design and performance.

After seven years of owning a fabrication business that was involved in all aspects of designing and production of both steel and aluminum products, I decided to start building aluminum boats.
I started building small aluminum skiffs and because of the attention to detail, the determination to constantly improve design features, and customer satisfaction, the size and complexity of the boats as well as the demand grew rapidly, thus began Maxweld Boats.

Nine years ago we started building aluminum power catamarans and realized the capabilities of this new catamaran design superseded monohull capabilities on all levels. We have been trying to keep up with the high demand for custom built aluminum power catamarans ever since. There is no comparison to how Maxweld Maxcats handle on the water, as they are extremely stable, fast, and fuel efficient.”

Andy Heathershaw is the owner of Maxweld Boats, but more importantly he designs all of the models and is involved with the build process of each and every Maxweld boat from conception to sea trial. In addition, our highly skilled craftsmen, who each specialize in their own areas of the construction process, insure that the boats are done to the highest standard and quality.

We feel the chief difference between Maxweld Boats and other boat builders is that we are constantly refining the design of our boats by tweaking the mathematical formula involved to get the best efficiency, ride, weight-carrying capacity, and sea-keeping capabilities.

With today’s fuel prices, Maxweld Maxcats are designed to be one of the most fuel efficient vessels on the market, while maintaining the ability to haul a tremendous payload of passengers and gear.

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