Zantac – Finding the Right Lawyer

Occasionally people suffer injury because of taking prescription drugs, most times this is through no fault of their own.

Recently, a high-profile drug that has been accused of causing such harm is Zantac. If you are suffering because of your consumption of Zantac or Ranitidine, look to retain the services of an experienced product liability lawyer, one who can help hold the manufacturer, distributor and seller of these drugs accountable for their actions.

By retaining a skilled, and knowledgeable lawyer, they will be able to quickly determine the possibility of you receiving compensation. With Zantac, the FDA has identified a cancer-causing agent NDMA. There is some evidence to suggest that the manufacturers of the drug knew of the danger of this chemical and did nothing about it.

Zantac is far from the only prescription drug that has been marketed and sold as being beneficial to people when the opposite is true. Experienced lawyers can help injured parties receive the compensation that they deserve. However, this process is prolonged and difficult, therefore choosing the right group of lawyers working with undoubted experts in private liability lawsuits will dramatically increase your chances of winning your case.

It’s common for plaintiffs to join with a larger group as part of a class action Santa Claus suit especially considering the drug has been linked to so many different forms of cancer as a consequence of the dangers of NDMA.

Here is some advice to help you choose the right Zantac Lawyer to represent you:

Because of the popularity of this case, many attorneys are reporting to represent people and provide the knowledge and experience you need to successfully fight a Zantac/Ranitidine lawsuit. However, there are some key factors to consider when finding out how to join a zantac lawsuit and choose the right lawyer.

Their experience with similar cases

If you retain the services of a group of lawyers who understand exactly what’s involved in this very specific area of the law, work with a group who have a proven track record in getting the best results for their clients. A lawyer who you can trust must have a clean history from the state bar association.

Knowledge and education

As much as two law schools would like you to believe that the education they provide their graduates is equal, this is simply not the case. Graduates of some top law schools most times are better lawyers. Also, having an in-depth knowledge of pharmaceutical malpractice involves the pursuit of ongoing education and then accreditation.

Are they medical malpractice specialists?

One of the most important factors in choosing the right Zantac lawyer for your case is whether they have industry specific experience. Are they specialists in this specific area of the law? Are they accredited and members of the local bar association? Can they provide you with evidence of a proven track record in other medical malpractice cases?

If you can find a specialist with the knowledge, education and experience you need, this will be the first step on what might be a long road to success. Experts advise you on that choosing your lawyer should be like choosing a surgeon would you want a general surgeon to operate on your heart how would you prefer one who specializes in cardiovascular surgery.